Puerh "Raw" 2010 (50g)


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If you are a tea lover you must add Puerh to your list and discover this extraordinary, un-fermentated is the Sheng Puerh style. This tea can be drunk when young. Puerh distinguishes itself for its tremendous health benefits but also for its peculiar character and production methods, which place it in a category of its own. This full embodied earthy liquor is quite a surprise. It shares some qualities with green tea and black tea, but it stands on a higher level. Even better, like a fine wine it ages and gets tastier over time.

Leaves appear as dark green with brown and white tips that have stripes.

Taste note

This style of tea, it has a very fresh smell of chestnut and buds fragrance, it can be bitter, but generally has a sweet aftertaste.

Health benefits

In China, Puerh is widely used for medicinal purposes: To combat ageing, heart disease, toxins in the blood, cancer, heart disease, cholesterol, digestive problems and to aid weight loss, blood circulation and as a hangover cure. Also know to energise.

  • Water: Choose good quality water when brewing your tea. This should be preferably bottled or filtered water. Boiling temperature –95- 100°C (205-212°F).
  • Infuser:You can use any kind of tea pot, but small 140ml yixing (ZiSha) tea pot is ideal. A small gaiwan will do. Very small infusing vessels – as little as 50ml are not uncommon.
  • Tea quantities: Puerh experts tend to use large amounts of tea and infuse it for very short periods: 5 - 7 grammes per 140ml of water, infused for 10-15 seconds per infusion is not uncommon.
  • Separating the leaves: Use a puerh knife, an oyster knife, or any chunky broad-bladed knife to gently separate the tea leaves from the cake or block, keeping them as whole as possible. (That is only used for a full Puerh cake)
  • Infusion times: A typical infusion sequence will be as follows: infusion number: 1 - 15 seconds, 2 - 12 seconds, 3 - 25 seconds, 4 - 40 seconds, 5 - 50 seconds and so on. The shorter the steep the milder the tea will be, so adjust to your own taste. You must fully drain the teapot each time to stop the tea leaves from brewing.

Additional notes

“Raw” or also know as Sheng Puerh is prized by tea collectors and tea enthusiasts for its ability to age and transform over time.