Jin Xuan (75g)


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Jin Xuan is grown at 7,500 feet above sea level. At this altitude, the tea leaves are worked upon by hot days and extremely cold nights. These varying climatic conditions, along with a year-round fog, lend this tea a complex and diverse palette of flavors and sensations. It belongs to a category of tea often called “Milk Oolong”. However, this Jin Xuan Milk Oolong is special and unique because its milky aroma is natural, it is not manually added milk when process as other milk teas. Leaves are evenly and tightly rolled.

Taste note

Creamy smooth texture, incredible milk aroma and taste with a naturally sweet flavor. Pale yellow-gold tea liquor.

Health benefits

The substance in the tea helps to prevent the decaying of teeth and halting the plaque build-up and also reduce the growth of glucosyltransferase. Polyphenolic compounds in Jin Xuan Oolong can prevent overall oxidise, and Purine alkaloids have the function of clear free radicals, so that it can have effect of preventing ageing.


Choose good quality water when brewing your tea. This should be preferably bottled or filtered water.

  • Warm up the tea pot with the boiling water, put 2-5 grams of tea, and pour small amount of the boiling water into the tea and pour out, then pour 225-250 ml of boiling water and cover tea pot for 45 seconds before serving. The shorter the steep the milder the tea will be, so adjust to your own taste.
  • Boiling temperature – 95-100°C (205-212°F).
  • You can use this amount of tea 6 to 7 times, but for each additional brew you should add 30 seconds to the steeping time.
  • You must fully drain the teapot each time to stop tea leaves from brewing.