Da Yu Ling (50g)


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Da Yu Ling is a premium-grade oolong tea from the Da Yu Ling area of Taiwan's Taichung county. Its high altitude more than 2600 meters (7,500 feet) makes this one of the highest tea plantations in the world. The high elevation of this area causes the tea leaves to grow slowly and develop their smooth, rich flavor. Da Yu Ling is produced in limited quantities and is one of the most prized teas of Taiwan. It has a wonderful fragrance and taste. It is a lightly oxidized oolong tea with a refreshing palate that is sought after by the most demanding tea connoisseurs.

Taste note

This beautiful yellow tea, with a buttery aroma, is also distinguished by a sweet flavor topped off with floral and tangerine scents.

Health benefits

Oolong Tea contains fewer anti-oxidant polyphenols than green tea, but research has shown that it may have other health benefits such as helping with weight loss (as part of a diet) and combating cholesterol. The Chinese claim Oolong is good for the heart, skin, and teeth. Other studies have shown that drinking Oolong Tea can help reduce high blood pressure and combat heart disease.


Choose good quality water when brewing your tea. This should be preferably bottled or filtered water. Warm up the tea pot with the boiling water, put 2-5 grams of tea, and pour small amount of the boiling water into the tea and pour out, then pour 225-250 ml of boiling water and cover tea pot for 1 minute before serving. The shorter the steep the milder the tea will be, so adjust to your own taste. Boiling temperature – 100°C (212°F). You can use this amount of tea 4 to 5 times, but for each additional brew you should add 30 seconds to the steeping time. You must fully drain the teapot each time to stop the tealeaves from brewing. The tea leaves come unrolled for full flavour.