Bai Hao "Oriental Beauty" (50g)


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Bai Hao Oolong is named for the unique appearance of its tea leaves, which are mostly dark in colour but ends with a silvery tip. It is also known as "Dong Fang Mei Ren" or Oriental Beauty, a name given by Queen Elizabeth II in the early 20th century when she tasted this tea for the first time. Bai Hao Oolong is one of the most precious teas to come from Taiwan. Truly a "beauty" not to be missed.

Health benefits

Oriental Beauty tea after your meal may help improve your digestion. This tea contains polyphenols and caffeine that help to boost your metabolism. A properly functioning metabolism helps you digest foods faster, reducing the risk of indigestion and stomach cramps. This oolong tea will also improve your body to get rid of unwanted wastes. The polyphenol content in this tea boosts up the activity of enzymes that may help to burn fat faster. The caffeine content will also help you feel energized to start on a path of healthy exercise.

Full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins which helps to improve your immune system. By boosting your defences, you may be less prone to getting ill. A good cup of tea a day may help reduce the risk of infections and inflammations. If you do have the unfortunate luck of getting sick, then a healthy immune system may also speed up your recovery time.

Taste note

The infused leaves give a liquor of a beautiful copper colour, with aromas extraordinarily fruity, flowery and wooden. With a honey and a rose flavour without any astringency, this is an extremely pleasant tea, which can be drunk as a hot or cold beverage. 

  • Choose good quality water when brewing your tea. This should be preferably bottled or filtered water.
  • Warm up the tea pot with boiling water, use 2-5 grams of tea, and pour small amount of boiling water into the teapot and pour out, then pour 225-250 ml of boiling water and cover teapot for 1 minute before serving.
  • The shorter the steep the milder the tea will be, so adjust to your own taste.
  • Boiling temperature – 90°C (195°F).
  • 2-5 grams tea can be brewed from 4 to 5 times, but for each additional brew you should add 30 seconds to the steeping time. The tea leaves come unrolled for full flavour.