Qimen or "Keemun" (70g)


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Produced in the Qimen region, a little city in Anhui, south of Huang Shan Muntain, the Qimen or Keemun is one of the most famous Chinese tea, very popular with the Japanese, the Russians and of course the English - it is one of the major ingredients of the famous English Breakfast Tea. Leaves are young, thin black shoots and buds from the tea bush. This shoots are shaped into distinctive tight twist. The slender, tightly curled black tea leaves make cups of lovely reddish beverage.

Taste note

The flavour is mellow and balanced with some smokiness ans notes of roasted sugarcane, orchids, cocoa and red whine, Makes a very elegant afternoon or evening tea. It is widely regarded as one of the best Chinese teas for its quality and depth of flavour.

Health benefits

Qimen or Keemun red tea is thought to improve alertness, although like many other teas it is naturally low in caffeine. There are also reports to suggest it can have a positive effect on cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol and reducing blood sugar levels. As a result, red tea is believed to reduce the risk of suffering from stroke or a heart attack, making it a great addition to any daily routine.

  • Measure 3g of tea per 200 ml water
  • Boil water to 95℃
  • Steep for 1-2 minutes
  • The same tea leaves can be steeped 5-6 times.