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Hong Yu Ruby or Ruby 18 (50g)


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Hong Yu ( also known as: Red Jade; Ruby Red; Hong Yu; Taiwan black tea #18 ) an internationally recognized, premium grade black tea. It is grown & harvested in limited quantities in the beautiful Sun Moon lake area of Central Taiwan. It is one of the most truly unique and finest quality black teas in the world. The tea plant is a cross between an Assam & a local wild tea strain. Dry leaf: long, burgundy-brown flagella. The aroma is intensive, woody-balsamic. The liquor is transparent, dark amber hue. This tea contains a high level of caffeine.

Taste note

This is a complex tea, with clean, thick, savoury flavours and fruity notes of mint and eucalyptus. Once tried, never forgotten, this is truly something you need to experience!

Health Benefits

Some of the health benefits being are include:

– Reduces high blood pressure

– Relieves stress and anxiety

– Deceases hypertension

– Increases mental alertness

– Increases memory retention

– Increases energy levels and exercise endurance

– Promotes weight loss

– Acts as an antibacterial

– Alleviates alcohol withdrawal symptoms

– Prevents and cures hangovers

– Offers anti-aging properties

– Improves skin elasticity and de-emphasizes wrinkles

  • Water Temperature: 95-100 C degrees
  • Steep Time: 1st/60 seconds, 2nd/90 seconds, 3rd/120 seconds, adding 30 seconds for subsequent infusions
  • Suggested Serving Size: 5 grams / 200 ml water
  • The same tea leaves can be steeped 5-6 times.